All The Privileges of a Premier City

Newport City is teeming with many things to enjoy for the whole family. Being a premiere center for business as well as a venue for fun and relaxation, Newport City provides the canvas on which your family can paint their most memorable experiences.

Nowhere is the have-it-all lifestyle more obvious than in your own 25-hectare Newport City.



The Residential Resort at Newport City revamps the cityscape as it welcomes you to a unique vacation hideaway right at the heart of the metropolis. Only 40 percent of this low-density enclave is set aside for buildings. The rest of the space is dedicated to parks, lavishly landscaped gardens and a wealth of open-air amenities that will inspire you to walk, commune and explore.


Rekindle your romance with everyday. And immerse yourself in the heady pleasures of a privileged resort setting. The Parkside Villas at Newport City. Rising above the golf course, this grand seven-cluster community breathes new life into all your experiences. Surrounding you in a charmed ambiance of exquisite sights. Lush open spaces. And luxurious attractions that move you, body and soul.


At The Palmtree at Newport City, the culture of world-class pampering extends to every facet of your exceptional lifestyle. Move up to a thoughtfully planned studio or suite. And with your very own recreational area right at your doorstep, enjoy pleasurable ways to relax in the privacy of your own home. Discover the excitement of living close to a casino and themed retail center.


At The Palmtree Two, every day lets you have it all. Your exceptional address at the center of Newport City brings the most coveted luxuries within easy reach. With the richest pleasures at your fingertips, your heart's desires come to life. And here, you're destined for grand experiences at home -- and poised for great leaps forward in the city -- every single day.


In a city that never sleeps, one address opens the door to the good life : 150 Newport Boulevard. Here, everything revolves around you, transforming your experiences from day to day. Fill the hours with exciting leisure. Set your own pace in the workplace. And have all the time in the world to make every moment exceptional.


It's a new day in the city, and rising along its main avenue, is the new name -- and new face -- of resort indulgence: Eighty-One Newport Boulevard. With its incomparable location, your address makes you the center of the action everyday. And here, where everything you need and desire under the sun comes together, your vibrant side truly comes alive.


A brand new residence in today's most exciting destination. Now, one address brings together everything you love under the sun and makes you the center of the ultimate resort city, Newport City.